Expert Panel

The MENA expert panel will be announced soon

The Expert Panel, an independant body of global leading Hand Hygiene experts, chaired by Professor Didier Pittet, was appointed to:

  • Review submissions using the WHO Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework.
  • Decide on finalists.
  • Perform audits in accordance with the WHO Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework, sharing expertise in hand hygiene and providing feedback on positive areas and on points that need further improvement.
  • Decide on winners.

Professor Didier Pittet (Chair)
Infection Control Programme & WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety
University of Geneva Hospitals & Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland
Lead Adviser, First Global Patient Safety Challenge "Clean Care is Safer Care" and "African Partnerships for Patient Safety" programmes
WHO, Geneva, Switzerland

Ass. Prof. Hanan Balkhy

Ass Prof. MH, M D Hassan Aelami

Prof. Souha S. Kanj

Dr. Nizam Damani

Mr. Elias Tannous