APSIC winner ceremony 2022  

Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Excellence Award (APHHEA) Ceremony 2022

The 2022 APHHEA ceremony was held in Singapore during the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Prevention and Control Conference and was organized as a hybrid event for the first time.

Four winners from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and India attended the award ceremony in person, while the Japan winner attended the event virtually.

The award ceremony got started with the Hand Hygiene Excellence Award Video, explaining the award’s objectives and application process, and then moved on to the award ceremony itself. 

The trophies were handed out by Prof. Pittet (Director of Infection Control Programme, WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland), Prof. Ling Moi Lin (President of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control) and Mr. Carlos Da Silva (B. Braun Vice President, Infection Prevention). The award ceremony finished up with a dinner with the Expert Panel.