Hand Hygiene Excellence Award - Europe

The Award is conceived as a platform to identify, recognize, honour and celebrate those hospitals and health care work groups who have contributed to improving patient safety through their excellence, enthusiasm and innovatory methods. A unique process has been developed for the awards. The chairman Prof. Didier Pittet (director, infection control programme and WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, Lead Adviser, Clean Care is Safer Care programme, University of Geneva Hospitals & Faculty of Medicine and WHO, Geneva) as well as an international panel of leading infection control experts are evaluating the candidatures and assess the finalists during a visit in the hospital in order to elect the winning hospitals.


What is the price?

The European Hand Hygiene Excellence Award and Innovation Award is an honourable and not a monetary award.

An independent delegation of world leading experts will visit the finalists in recognition of their achievements and evaluate the program for creativity, innovation and local/regional leadership against set criteria. In addition, the expert delegation will be available to the finalists to discuss and provide advice in relation to ongoing efforts, sustainability and outcome measures.

Winners of the award will be invited (2 Infection Control representatives of each hospital will be sponsored) to present their program (max. 10 minutes) and honored during ICPIC (for participants from Europe).