Cooperation Partner

University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG)

The University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG) is one of Switzerland's leading hospital complexes. As a publicly-owned medical institution, the HUG has a three-fold mission, to deliver healthcare, teaching and research. Relying on the quality and safety of its health care, the HUG is able to enhance clinical performance thanks to outstanding technical facilities (MRI, PET-CT, cyclotron, robotic surgery, cardiac digital imaging, etc.). To increase its influence at both a national and international level, it develops partnerships with other university hospitals, faculties and polytechnics worldwide.

The HUG also promotes a close collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) by developing programmes in the following fields :

  • Education in chronic diseases
  • Health and the ageing process
  • Immunization and vaccination
  • Humanitarian actions
  • Research and training in mental health
  • Breast-feeding

In 2005, the HUG has been designated by the WHO as a centre of reference for the prevention of health care-associated infections (nosocomial infections). This recognition rewards an institutional prevention strategy and 10 years of endeavour. This strategy has been developed since 1995 at the HUG, where it reduced the rate of nosocomial infections by 50% and clearly revealed the link between the promotion of hand hygiene and the reduction of healthcareassociated infections. The WHO has specifically entrusted the management of its patient safety programme, the First Global Patient Safety Challenge, to Professor Didier Pittet, Director of the HUG infection prevention and control programme. HUG has been designated a WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety (Infection Control and Improving Practices) in 2008.

Aesculap Academy

The Aesculap Academy enjoys a worldwide reputation for medical training of physicians, senior nursing staff and staff in OR, anaesthesia, ward and hospital management. The CME accredited courses consist of hands-on workshop, management seminars and international symposia. For that the Aesculap Academy was given the Frost & Sullivan award as 'Global Medical Professional Education Institution of the Year' three times in succession.

The Aesculap Academy courses are of premium quality and accredited by the respective medical societies and international medical associations.For more information please visit: